My Computers

I enjoy playing with computers. To be honest, I don't know why; they don't work correctly, and I hate technology in general. But, for some reason, I enjoy trying new software and old hardware. Due to this oddity of mine, I have more than one computer. To be sure, I actually maintain the network of computers in my apartment (I maintain the network and servers, not necessarily each person's computer), in addition to my own computers.

With regards to the operating system of choice, I choose the BSD family of OSes. To be specific, I run OpenBSD on the computer which runs the network, for its stability, security, and because it's basically built for the task; and, I run FreeBSD on my desktop system, because it's simple to configure, break, fix, and use for day-to-day activities.

The mention of a desktop computer leads to the inevitable question: which window manager do I use? Well, the direct answer to the question is Openbox, but that's not the complete story. I'm quite partial to IceWM, but currently run GNOME2. I ran Metacity under GNOME2 for a while, but it has too many issues for me to deal with it daily.

Of course, there's much more that I could say about all these topics, which is why I created more pages describing these topics!

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