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I take a small amount of pride in the inablity to contact me easily. However, others have complained. Here I present contact information for myself and the people who I may be with. Just a hint: try me last.

Also, see my school schedule for other timing.

Name Phone number Messaging handles Email address
Janet Burns 781-246-2767
  • janie4000 (AIM)
Mike Burns
  • mikeburnsansmach (AIM)
Emily Chew doctorzombee (AIM)
Mike Distaula 781-405-1558
  • llamabroth (AIM)
  • whskier84 (AIM)
Fred Howland 781-962-7656
  • farmlandelite (AIM)
  • napster86 (AIM)
Mike MacHenry 617-247-9655
  • dskippy (AIM)
Jess Paiva call Fred and ask ElicottStation (AIM)
Name Phone number Messaging handles Email address


None of these work anymore. RIP Jabber.

I didn't have a cell phone until I was 26, roughly eight years after the rest of my friends got one. At the time that I wrote this page, none of my friends or family had cell phones.

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