Destruction Deck


This game has more of a chance of winning in the traditional style, as well as winning as defined as "destroying everything they have". There are enough destruction cards to destroy whatever artifact or enchantment an opponent plays, plus the significant lands and creatures may also be destroyed. Annoying for them, entertaining for you.



Card Name Number Type
Card Name Number Type
Forest 3 Land
Mountain 1 Land
Plains 1 Land
Slippery Karst 1 Land
Smoldering Crater 1 Land
Drifting Meadow 1 Land
Hickory Woodlot 1 Land
Sandstone Needle 2 Land
Remote Farm 1 Land
Kjeldoran Outpost 1 Land
Tinder Farm 4 Land
An-havva Township 1 Land
Archaeological Dig 1 Land
Rith's Grove 1 Land, Lair
Elfhame Sanctuary 1 Enchantment
Seal of Cleansing 2 Enchantment
Fertile Ground 2 Enchant Land
Latulla's Orders 1 Enchant Creature
Lotus Petal 1 Artifact
Tooth of Ramos 1 Artifact
Marble Diamond 1 Artifact
Kill Switch 1 Artifact
Mana Cylix 1 Artifact
Candelabra of Tawnos 1 Artifact
Masticore 1 Artifact Creature
Capashen Unicorn 3 Creature - Unicorn
Sacred Prey 1 Creature - Beast
Llanowar Elves 1 Creature - Elf
Tinder Wall 1 Creature - Wall
Voracious Cobra 2 Creature - Snake
Desert Twister 2 Sorcery
Stone Rain 2 Sorcery
Hull Breach 3 Sorcery
Hush 1 Sorcery
Frenzied Tilling 2 Sorcery
Disenchant 3 Instant
Wax and Wane 1 Instant
Crumble 2 Instant
Last Breath 1 Instant
Aura Blast 1 Instant
Reprisal 1 Instant


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