Disk-space Free eXtended

DFX takes the output of the UNIX command df and gives an approximation of the amount of space free. This is given is a textual description, which is one of 'Enough space to install Oracle.', 'Acres of space.', 'Lots of space.', 'Some space...', 'Almost out of space!', or 'OUT OF SPACE!!!'.

This was written in Perl when I was first learning it. It is, in fact, my first Perl program. The idea was taken from an idea by David Cantrell of wiredstation.co.uk fame on the (void) emailing list. It simply reads the percentage of the diskspace used from the df UNIX command and outputs a simple message determined by this. It's simple and may be modified easily.

The current version, tarred and gzipped, may be found at dfx-0.03.0.tar.gz. This is version 0.03.0 and includes a manpage, README file, and Perl source.

Version Two!

I didn't exactly update it, but someone else did. John Luciani submitted "df3" to me via email. Being a Perl wizard, he made it shorter, more elegant, stricter, and made me feel really small and feeble. (John has also rewritten some of my other programs in Perl, most of which were originally in C.) His version replaces the old one (because I already wrote over the old file. *Whoops!*). So download it!


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