World Wide Webbed Mike Announced

Version 2 of under the owner of Mike Burns was announced. Although originally planned to be released April first, 2001, Mike decided to release it sooner.

Yeah, it wasn't going well. I planned to write an essay every week by Tuesday, and that wasn't working, reported the tired-looking geek. I haven't updated it in over two months! It's not that I didn't have the time; I was just lazy.

He also was doing many things at once, and had finally managed an Internet connection on his Linux'ed laptop, as he called it. I wrote a few programs, set up LL even better, and worked on some other projects. With the help of my new ISP, DownCity, I achieved an Internet connection on LL.

The name of the new Web site will be World Wide Webbed Mike, or W3M for short. It will feature a more minimalistic approach to the style, a search engine in progress (CGI access is being worked out), better architecture and navigation layout, documentation of confusing documents (such as HTML, XML, RDF, ECMASript, and CSS), and a possible weekly poll (CGI access pending). More ideas will be implemented later.

Mike accepts suggestions and monetary donations at his new, official email address, He'd prefer suggestions early in the development stage, but will take them later as well.


This was copied to the new site.

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