micron999.com is now netgeek.ws

The old micron999.com has now changed to netgeek.ws. The creator, Mike Burns, has some to say about this.

Yeah, micron999 is being phased out. It used to be my alias, you know. My new alias, every since about 1998, is netgeek, so all my new stuff is netgeek this and netgeek that.

Sadly, netgeek.org is taken: I went to the monopoly over at Network Solutions, Inc., and searched for netgeek.org, thinking 'Who else would use this?'. Well, someone beat me to it. Probably some company, trying to suck up domains. Ya know, you used to have to prove that you were an organization or network to get .org or .net. Now, any commercial group will sue you if you don't turn over your organization name! At this point, Mike continued to ramble about this.

What is new with netgeek.ws? It is hosted by NetMegs, whom has kindly provided Perl or compiled CGI access. All CGIs will be written by Mike personally. Also new is the discovery of the Web site by Mike's girlfriend at their one-and-a-half year anniversary, which means that a new section will be created, similar to Alan Cox's diaries, 'What Would Heidi Do', where Mike's chick gives her opinions on Mike's opinions (Mike, you're a jerk.).

All suggestions, bug reports, useful criticism, and other good stuff may be sent to Mike through mike@mike-burns.com. All flames may be sent to /dev/null (or the equivalent).


This was copied to the new site.

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