This rant is completely related to my dealings with school. I'm going to complain about homework, a lacking of free time, and the constant struggle between having a good time and doing what must be done. This is the first update in a while, so enjoy!


What is the point of homework? Is it to extend the grip that the educational system (with their emphasis more on system and less on education) has on our daily lives? Or is it to make sure that we know what we're doing? Let's investigate.

Firstly, I've five classes in which homework is assigned. Everyday. Now, don't tell me that the teachers do not know about the other classes, because I know that they talk. Each teacher knows that the other teachers give at least an hour's worth of homework everyday. That's five hours, theoretically out of school, that is to be spent doing homework. This is on top of extra-curricular activities — most students work, many play an instrument or a sport — and the budding social life of a teen, which is, really, still developing. So let us say, for example, that school "ends" at ; by the time one comes home it is between and . If this student were to spend the next five hours doing its homework, it will finish around . Let's say that the person eats a meal from 1800 until 1830 or 1900; the student finishes its homework around . It is tired and must awake very early the next morning. So, the student goes to bed, finishing off its day of school — awake at , go to school, home at , homework until . Nine hours are without school. Sure, the life expectancy may be increasing for non-Native Americans, but that doesn't mean that a good chunk of it should be taken away.

My second issue is on the point of homework. My personal belief is that homework is to help the student understand what is taught in class, should the student need help. For example, suppose that we are doing sinusoidal functions in precalculus class and I understand 99.9% of it. I do not need to do the suggested exercises because they are just a waste of my time — preaching to the choir, if you will. Thus, homework should be optional.


My predecessors fought hard for an 8-hour workday; someone needs to give teens the power to fight for an 8-hour school day! Which is to say, I agree with my point here.

I've updated the life expectancy link; it really only looks good for wealthy white Americans, and even that is getting worse. Relatedly, I've replaced the outdated (Cold War) terms "first-world" and "third-world" with "country with healthcare" and "country without healthcare."

Time flies like the wind, but fruit flies like a banana

I recently discovered that there is a period of time named a day, with roughly 24 hours in it. However, animals need sleep, so a chunk of that time is spent unconscious (which percent is beyond the scope of this rant). As previously pointed out, the rest of the time is spent in school for a high school or college student. (Adults have a bit more flexibility — at least they can enjoy their work.) Much of our time is spent doing un-fun things. Traditionally.

Carpe diem! There's only 15 hours available to you, use it wisely! Go enjoy your hobby, maybe receive money for it. Spend time with those most important, and stop bullshitting those that aren't. And promote the 48-hour day, in which we stay conscious for 38 hours and just have fun. There's a party out there with your name on it!


I wrote this section because I liked the headline. Did I steal that from Everything2?

I later went on to collaborate with a friend on an alternative polyphasic sleep schedule. It was the best two weeks, at times.

You have to do nothing

Given the previous section, why are you complaining about your job? Do you enjoy complaining, or have you lost your will to have fun? I've heard students of age 16 years complain about how they have to do things that they don't want to do. But why? For the common good? No, this is no anarchy, this is capitalism. Think personal gain; think greed; think only of yourself. You'll be a happier person.

So don't do something because it must be done, do something because you want to do it!


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