Shut UpThank You, Protesters

Lots of fun in the small town of Wakefield, MA, USA yesterday. This well-known band of people came, with their groupies and roadies, and the entire town showed up to welcome them, just as they wanted.

The Neo-Nazis, considered one of the most violent groups in the world, needed protection from their protesters. See, protesters are a funny bunch -- they never say anything that makes sense. In fact, I would argue that they thought nothing through. So, when they attacked the Neo-Nazis, it made perfect sense in their head. Especially when you consider that this Neo-Nazi group never hurt anyone.

The actual point of this "Neo-Nazi" group is to go from town to town, state to state, causing protests. They exist so that people like me can write about how dumb protesters are. And, it worked; over 600 people, many of them from the actual town, showed up to protest this group meeting. 30 of these people were allowed into the room where they were meeting, so that they could destroy their right to assemblehate speech. Capitalists joined in the shouting of Power to the workers!. All in all, everyone had a good time at the big party.

If you were a protester there, maybe you could do a favor for everyone: shut up. No, really, do not speak. It just came out wrong, whatever you were trying to say. If you don't have anything good to say, just shut upthank you.

So, thank you WCOTC, for showing everyone in Wakefield how to be an absolute dumb ass. It worked, but only a few of us realize it.


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