Past Rants by Mike

These essays used to be current. Read them if you haven't yet, one of them is bound to be interesting.

Complaints About Current Web Page Trends
Somehow people put extra work into things that just end up being annoying. Check here first.
Tarball Etiquette
How to make a tarball.
What I really think about some stuffs.
Shut Up Protesters
You're just hurting yourself, so just shut up.
Against nationalism
Can't we all just get along?
High school report
High school sucks. An insider report.
Annoying clothes
Dark clothes and pants in the summer are very annoying.
People Are Idiots
Collections of examples of peoples idiocity and society's general stupidity.
My problem with the educational system. is now
Basically discusses the URL change.
Popularity, closed-mindedness, equality, tradition, computer programming, looks, and intergender communication all in one essay.
Random Rants
Language, standards, intelligent vs. smart, and questions.
It's About Time
How time works and how it should work.
Random Thoughts from Mike
Do looks affect character, standards, drinks, movies, books, and language all rolled into one page. Delicious!
World Wide Webbed Mike Announced
Version two on goes public.
Web Standards, Part II
A follow-up to the original Web standards rant; why don't Web browsers work?
Poor State of Music
Music seems to have reached an all time low; Mike sees this and, because he has his own domain, rambles about it.
Authoring Web Pages
Mike explains a few years of mistakes and lessons in dealing with Web pages.
Leave Linux to the Hackers
The hackers created the operating system, why do others claim it as theirs?
Web Standards
Why must web developers design around both standards and all browsers? Are browsers not created as standards-following software, and what can you do?

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