Anarchists Are Annoying

d00dz! i 4m A 133+ h4x0r n AnArChIsT!!!!!1!!!

Yes, I know that is not what Anarchy is. Tell that to everyone else.

So, great, I support the idea that society rules itself well enough to not need laws, and I support the idea of full equality, and I support the idea of an economy based on actual stuff instead of little green pieces of paper. I am your stereotypical real Anarchist — except for the fact that I do not care. That is right — not one ounce of thought or caring will go into convincing others that this is the way to believe because I do not give a damn.

There is no one way to do anything; get over it and move on with life.

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I read this, in part, as young me being frustrated with the dual meaning of the word "anarchy": the word describing a governmental organization practice, and the word describing chaos. Winners write history, afterall.

There's another thing I read into this, years later: a young man trying to figure out coolness and masculinity and its demand on looking like you're not trying. That caring is uncool. Actual anarchy, in practice, takes work. Just the revolution alone requires someone cleaning dishes. Much of the work is domestic or emotional labor; try convincing a nerdy boy trying to find his way in a space where "gay" is the ultimate insult that the best thing he can do in the name of anarchism is to learn how to sew, cook, clean, and have empathy.

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