Rules and Rulings


Electoral Rulings

Instated on 2002-03-15.

For the purpose of the rules a club member is defined as a student of WHS who has paid their user fee to the club and has attended a club meeting at least once this school year.

An election will be held at the banquet at the end of the school year. Candidates for officer positions must have turned in their nomination papers by the deadline set by the current president if they are to be on the ballot. Every club member has one vote. Abstaining is allowed. The candidate with the majority of the votes wins. In the event of a tie the leadership (4 officers and advisor) will convene and decide the winner with a majority vote. The successful candidates will assume control after the last day of classes for the school year in which they were elected.

If at any time the president must resign his position the Vice President will assume the position of President and nominate another club member for Vice President. If any officer other than the president resigns the President must nominate a club member to replace that officer. In both cases club members must vote on whether or not they approve of the nomination. If the majority of club members do not approve of the nomination, appointment is rejected and President must nominate a different club member. If appointment is approved then the nominated club member assumes the officer position until the next election. There are no term limits on officers but they must be nominated and voted on every year.

Any person may attend meetings and join in games. If a person is not a club member then he or she may not participate in any event in which club money is being used. If they wish to participate in such an event they may either become a club member or pay a fee determined by the treasurer based on the activity.

Job descriptions

Goes to meetings and enforces rules. Is the go between for the club and the administration. Oversees all other positions.
Vice President
Fills in for president whenever necessary. Is in charge of scheduling meetings, tournaments, and all other club events.
Collects fees and manages money for the club. Maybe manages club bank account.
Takes notes and handles all paperwork for club. Takes attendance and maintains club website.



In Magic: The Gathering, when a player leaves play but a card he owns is in control by another player, that card stays in play.
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