Strategy Gaming Club

Wakefield High School, Massachusetts

The Strategy Gaming Club (SGC) meets twice in a normal school week, on Tuesdays and Thursday, from after school (approximately 14:05) to 17:30. Traditionally, Thursday is Dungeons and Dragons day while Tuesday is Magic: The Gathering and miscellaneous games day.

Here, you can find artwork, photos, bios, events, and club rules.

Summer Gaming

If you have an interest in gaming in the summer, talk to Nate harkins.

Art Contest

Club art contest: all are welcome to join. Send your art to or hand them to Craig and specify whether you would like to join the amateur or top judging.

Your Stuff Here!

I, Mike Burns, have no memory. If you want something — anything — to go on this Web site, let me know. The more work you do towards your goal, the better. If, for example, you want pictures of naked chicks, it is your responsibility to get them. That's just an example.

So, I've received a request for a chat room. I'll see what I can do. In the mean time, meet on IRC -- maybe #sgc on Undernet? You guys decide. But, what I'm getting at, is that chat already exists in a very well-done form. Use that.

Past news and events.

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