If you have an interest in gaming in the summer, talk to Nate harkins.
Our banquet went off very, very well. Approximately 25 people showed up. Nate Harkins won the Lowliest Maggot Award and Christine won the Officer's Award. Next year's officers were chosen.
As far as activities went, we played table tennis, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, the Rape game, and foosball. Some watched videos: Clerks: Uncensored, The Professional, Rocky Horror Picture Show (select scenes), Battle Royal High School, and the Street Fighter Alpha. For a small amount of time we rocked out to They Might Be Giants, the Dead Kennedys, and a techno Pink Floyd album. Oh, and Matt's song, too.
Roll some virtual dice, using the ForsakenRealms dice roller software.
Many thanks to 'kennzie for the well-done banner image. It appears on this page. If you can't see it, get a GUI Web browser and turn on image support. It's worth seeing.
In other news, a Judgement prerelease list is online. Start your combo ideas before everyone else!
More tournament information has been posted, and candidate information will continue to be posted as it comes in. Check out the information for Pie, whom is running for president.
New artwork: cast picture of the D&D group. Thank you Craig Rexford.
The game commentary for the first of two Magic: The Gathering games that were played on 2002-03-11 is posted. The second will be done Real Soon Now.
The synopsis for the game of Dungeons and Dragons on 2002-03-08 is now posted. Also, new rules have been added regarding next year's officers.
Artwork by Nate Harkins has been uploaded. He did a series (part one, part two) of comics directly related to some games of Magic: The Gathering that we've played.
On Tuesday, 2002-03-05, two simultaneous games of Magic: The Gathering were played. Only one was documented. Mike Burns won the documented one and Adam Rodgers won the other.
On Tuesday, 2002-02-26, one game of Magic: The Gathering was played by Shauna, Jessica, Tom Kelly, Mike Burns, Nate Harkins, and Pat Cheever.
Half-night gaming at Mike Burns's house went off well on Thursday, 2002-02-21. Mike MacHenry, Emily Chew, Pat Cheever, and Mike Burns showed up and appearances were made by Matt McNeil, Matt G., Steve Lord, and J.D. Leone. Quite a few games of Magic: The Gathering were played, we watched some of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and this Web site's future direction was discussed.
"KITTY!" -- Emily, upon seeing a Masticore for the first time
At the SCG meet on 2002-02-12, we played one game of Magic: The Gathering. Players were Jae Rodgers, Mike Burns, Nate Harkins, Nick Twohig, and Pat Cheever. Jae was declared the probable winner of the game.
At the SCG meet on 2002-02-05, we played two games of Magic: The Gathering. Participants were Jae, Mike Burns, Nate, and Billy. The first game was won by Mike Burns using his God deck. Jae was declared the winner of the second game, where he used Hooved Lightning.
The new Web site has been voted on by all present during the Tuesday club meet. Current plans are a picture gallery, bios, events (with dates and rulings), statstics, deck listings, synopsis on running campaigns, and club rules. Oh, and Pat wants links -- thanks for the great idea Pat.
Today we played Magic: The Gathering with Mike MacHenry, Jae Rodgers, Mike Burns, Pat Cheaver, Billy Mueller, Nathan Harkins, and Sara-with-no-h. Mike MacHenry won each game except his first, which Sara-with-no-h won. Billy lost overall.
Decks played:
Mike MacHenry
Crumbling Processor
Spin the Black Circle
Mike Burns
Jae Rogers
Hooved Lightning
Utter Humiliation
Pat Cheever
Poison Counter
Billy Mueller
Something he just hacked together
Nathan Harkins
R/G Creature
Mike Burns <>