Frequently Asked Questions

I'm asked many things. Some, like questions involving the addition of vectors or dates of events, are not asked much; others, especially ones involving my sneakers, my face, and my hair, are common questions. I figure that if I put them all in one place I can be asked more interesting, new questions.

In addition, I have a full sneaker FAQ with additional questions and answers.

Why don't you cut your hair?

It's not a fashion statement or a rebellious thing, it's just that I don't feel the need to cut my hair. Maybe I'll trim it soon, due to lots of nagging from loved ones.

The reason it's long to begin with is because I like long hair on everyone; I'm just doing my part.

Why did you shave?

Aren't you cold?

Probably not. Having lived in New England for my whole life, I've basically adjusted to the weather. If I'm wearing clothing that looks like it could be cold on you, remember that I'm not you. Unless, of course, I am.


I can't believe is down! I'm leaving that link in for when it re-appears in the future.

Anyway, I cut my hair and put on pants and have an attractive amount of facial hair and that stopped people from asking questions. The FAQ didn't help, but they never do; they're just bandages around poor UX. Or facial hair.

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