Magic: The Gathering

Yes, I play Magic: The Gathering (MTG). No, I am not ashamed to admit it. I do not spend large amounts of money on it; maybe $20 in a month.

So, anyway, here are some deck ideas I have. Try them out, if you wish, and respond. Oh, I should point out that I get no pleasure from winning, so don't expect these decks to make a killing. What they usually do is keep the game going, often times helping out the other players.

The Switzerland Deck
The way to "win" with this deck is to make the situation such that the opposing players may not draw a card or continue playing in any way. This is done by Donating one of Symbiotic Deployment or Recycle to another player, then taking care of their creatures, lands, and hand. Keep a Recycle for yourself — it's fast!
The Destruction Deck
More reactionary than offensive, this deck aims to destroy whatever anyone else plays, especially artifacts or enhancements. Some land and creature destruction is being worked in, but not as necessary with the people I play with.


I still prefer playing games to winning them.

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