Switzerland Deck


This deck is used to make all players (up to 6, including you) unable to continue hurting each other. There is no clean, immediate way for this deck to win in the traditional sense; instead, winning is true when you and all opponents are unable to draw.

You should go through the deck as fast as possible, gathering the core cards as you go. Once you have the mana, play Symbiotic Deployment then Donate it. Be careful when doing this; should they counter the Donate, you may be left unable to draw. For this reason, cards like Probe and Opt should be available for you. After you have Donated, destroy as many of their creatures and as much of their hand as possible. Play a Recycle for yourself and you'll keep the game constant.

Core Cards


Card name Number Type
Card name Number Type
Island 4 Land
Terrain Generator 1 Land
Tropical Island 1 Land
Salt Marsh 2 Land
Swamp 2 Land
Forest 8 Land
Remote Isle 1 Land
Saprazzan Skerry 1 Land
Recycle 3 Enchantment
Symbiotic Deployment 3 Enchantment
Yawgmoth's Bargain 1 Enchantment
Necropotence 1 Enchantment
Lotus Petal 1 Artifact
Fyndhorn Elder 1 Creature - Elf
Quirion Elves 3 Creature - Elf
Plague Fiend 1 Creature - Insect
Thresher Beast 1 Creature - Beast
Donate 4 Sorcery
Manipulate Fate 1 Sorcery
Relearn 1 Sorcery
Probe 4 Sorcery
Bog Down 1 Sorcery
Revive 1 Sorcery
Specter's Wail 1 Sorcery
Coercion 1 Sorcery
Harrow 4 Instant
Vendetta 1 Instant
Fatal Blow 1 Instant
Impulse 3 Instant
Miscalculation 1 Instant
Opt 1 Instant


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