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This Web site is based off of micron999.com, created April 4th, 1999. The basic plot is that a Webgeek and Linux hacker recieves his own domain after five or so years of waiting. All is well, until he realizes his power and posts his opinions and pictures of his cat, Fluffy, to the site. He then starts looking down upon others, even those above him (such as Jacob Neilson and Linus Torvalds (names changed to protect the innocent)) and lives in isolation for the remainder of his life.

Given the preceeding paragraph (you are reading these in order, correct?), you should expect to find such stuff as the rants and ravings of a lunitic and programming projects.

This site is completely redone every two years and the stylesheet is redone yearly. Everything is written exactly to the standards, so if it looks wrong it is your fault. Thanks to PHP Web Hosting for providing the hosting. For best results, view this page on a 13" LCD monitor at 1024x768x256 using Mozilla and CSS disabled. Actually, you can use anything your heart desires to view this page, just as long as it is standard.

About the Author

This section is grossly out of date.

Mike is a Web geek and UNIX hacker hiding in an undisclosed location. He has been Webbed since about 1995 (does anyone recognize jburns6361@aol.com or micron999@aol.com?) and hacking since about 1998. His permanent email address is mike@mike-burns.com, but any mail sent to netgeek.ws is fowarded to Mike.

Mikes interests are programming, the Web, GNU, Monty Python, Mel Brooks, standards, Classic Rock, and trying to cram all his interests into a 6 hour day (the other 18 are devoted to sleep and school, which often mix). Expanding on what Mike likes, he programs in C, Perl, Scheme, and some other stuff too (C++, Java, x86 Assembly, etc); Mike has been doing Web pages since 1995 and has learned a lot from Jacob Neilson and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); Mike decided to look into Linux in 1997 when he mastered Windows and bought RedHat GNU/Linux 5.1 in summer 1998 (he currently runs Slackware and FreeBSD); the only type of movie for Mike is a comedy, thus enter Monty Python and Mel Brooks; Mike has been known to rant and rave like a lunatic about standards, but you may ignore him; as for music, Mike prefers Classic Rock, especially Pink Floyd, and has played the guitar, bass, drum(s), trombone, and trumpet.

For more information, don't miss Mike's FAQ! Also, insight into Mike's mind and the crazy world of his friends can be seen from the comics that represent them.


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