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Past news stuff will appear here. Nothing else to say.

It's late, but my fall schedule is up!
Thanks to ResNet, my Web filesharing is no more. Sorry!
The new course Web site for "What's Cool About Computer Science?" is active.
I found some annoying stuff on the Web. Also, I changed the CSS for this Web site again. Before you complain:
Thanks to a poorly-done tarball, I lost lots of important data. So please, have some tarball etiquette.
My excuse for not updating this Web site is now available. My other excuse, which does have its own section, is not updated. I'll get to it…
My schedule is now available online, for those who care.
Due to complaining by a certain friend, I have now created a page for contact information.
Sean Proctor cleaned up the C version of my sneaker program.
Added a new section for all the computers to which I have root. It's only half-done, but I'm working on it.
In other news, I shaved. Pictures and story to come soon.
Just wanted everyone to know all my annoying opinions and the finer points of them, so I wrote up a clarification on some often-confused ones.
In other news, I got my new computer from Los Alamos Computers and am in the process of building another and buying an Apple PowerBook G4 or better.
I added access keys for the navigation of this Web site. Following the UK Government standard (the most complete for my needs), you may access the home page with access key '1', the contents with key '3', and search with key '4'. Users of different Web browsers will need to hold some key down while typing the access key.
I went to a protest against a Neo-Nazi group yesterday. The protesters sure are dumb.
Another rant. This one is about nationalism and how it could be a bad idea.
I no longer wear sneakers. Thus, my sneaker program is no longer used. The FAQ has been updated.
Got some nice pictures of my sneakers from Emily. Check out just my sneakers and my hairy legs plus sneakers. Note that Emily also maintains a nice photo gallery where I and friends make appearences.
Seems PHP was updated by my Web host, so my PHP sneaker program now works. This is the one I use for myself, so bookmark this if you like stalking me.
I will be teaching two classes for ESP's HSSP: Advanced Perl Programming and Beginning Databases. See you there!
From the Center For Figuring Out Really Obvious Things comes an incredible report: high school sucks.
Added a section for comics that represent real life, often in a scary fashion. For example, there exist new comics expressing old inside jokes.
Updated cd2ogg. Fixed a quoting problem. Upgrading is highly suggested.
Wrote an Ogg Vorbis ripper for CD-ROMs. It works, too. On my computer, anyway. So, please test and contribute to it.
I've updated my sneaker FAQ with a new question, thanks to Andrew Medico.
The Web site for the Strategy Gaming Club is now active. Lots of development time will be spent there, so check it out.
I wrote a faster sneaker program in C, as well as adding an FAQ section for my sneakers. While I was at it I added an FAQ section for myself.
Back in school. I'm "working" on a section that deals with the music that I like. Send URLs and music!
Added a section on Magic: The Gathering, where you can see my crazy, winning-sucks, deck ideas. Also, I helped finish the Web site for the company that I work for, so turn CSS off and check it out!
Posted a preview of my People Are Idiots essay. Send submissions to me, please.
I've posted my latest sneaker program and updated the page for the sneaker randomizer. I've also included on every page a snazzy alternate stylesheet. Take a look at the 'site though it if your Web browser enables you to and give me some feedback.
Also, between the time that I last updated and now, I've worked a bunch on Any2XML, got DSL and set up more of my home network, presented (twice) at YAPC America::North, convinced my boss to release Adarep Explorer and COBOL Explorer, and started setting up my multimedia computer ("sexy").
Long-time-no-see! Anywho, I've written a rant about school. Since I've last seen you I've changed my Web host to PHP Web Hosting, modified the CGIs, broken up with Heidi, and worked.
What Would Heidi Do? (WWHD) is now online with its first issue! (deleted).
Updated the search database generator and put it on its own search Web page.
Jeez, it feels like forever since I've last updated this thing. Anywho, I've moved to a new domain (with a new top level domain!), a new host, and CGIs! Newly added stuff is a search engine and semi-working (at least functional) poll. Also since we've last chatted I've installed FreeBSD 4.0, which I received for free from YAPC North::America. More to come soon!
Sorry that I haven't updated in a while; I've been busy. Since I've last talked, I've reinstalled FreeBSD 3.2, installed Green Frog GNU/Linux, and installed The GNU/HURD. My next plan is to create my own GNU distrobution, using the Linux kernel (when Linux 2.4 comes out). I've also celebrated a one-year anneversary with my girlfriend. A recent program I wrote is the sneaker program for random sneaker pairs. Also, see COBOL Explorer for some work that I am doing. A Random Rant, named Turvey-Topsy, has been written for your boring pleasure. This time I complain about popularity, closed mindedness, equality, tradition, computer programming, looks, and communication. Enjoy!
I've updated my Random Rant with some email from others.
*Whew!*, one whole month since my last update — not too shabby, given my past record. :-) Anywho, some stuff I've done since we last spoke: I have upgraded my Linux kernel to 2.2.13. I also upgraded the rest of my RedHat 5.1 system to about 6.0 and a half. I downloaded Mozilla's milestone ten binary, which didn't work quite correctly, and the source, which worked even less correctly, but then milestone eleven came out, so I downloaded that binary (I haven't tried the source yet) and it works awesomely. I'm developing my own XML (my own DTD and CSS too!) Go try it yourself! I also wrote another Random Rant for you to enjoy; this one is about some more language and Web standards issues, as well as a smartness versus intelligence versus report cards debate and my promotion of asking Why?. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
I'm not dead, really! Marching Band is over, so I'll be able to fit school, homework, and hacking into one day. So far I have written a rant on time, installed FreeBSD, reinstalled RedHat Linux 5.1 and done some work with COBOL Explorer. Some stuff to do is install ROCK Linux, install the Hurd, and reinstall FreeBSD and Linux to work with each other. Bear with me as my life comes back together.
Busy week. I wrote a new rant, found a great, new budding formatting language named ROTFL, likewise I started in on ROTFL documentation and a ROTFL2Web conversion program. I also bought FreeBSD (the Power Pack from Walnut Creek CDROM) and am looking at other Linux distributions, namely Green Frog Linux, NoMad Linux, and Lightning Linux.
I added some new reworkings on dfx, t3i2c, weblint2, and x. I'm trying to figure out how to solve the problems HTML Help's validator is giving me; some of the rant's code has been thusly rewritten. Some code-related stuff was fixed, specifically I figured out Server Side Includes (SSI) for the current rant, but the search and weekly poll aren't working yet. I added the Web site of the Week to the home page. I figure I'll try to update this 'site once a week, on Tuesday. I started marching band and school starts soon, so updates may be less in both time and quantity.
Back from vacation. I updated t3i2c, mobb, tivo, x, and added info. The LoC was also updated to reflect that. CGI stuff still doesn't work. For a good time, check out BooBoo's Web site. (Idea: How does a 'Site of the Week' sound to everyone? Good idea? Email me.)
I unleash version two of, renamed to World Wide Webbed Mike (W3M), with a full rewrite of at least the code to every document in the 'site. Add stuff about some programs I wrote, the Web, and other cool stuff like a local search engine and a full listing of contents. Tell me how you like it.
Worked more on validation, found validator I like at
New rant added, worked this week on version two of with many surprises (due out 2001).
Add new rant, may not be able to update much due to report cards, in need of modem help.
Add mocking of image-lovers, still need Internet/Linux help.
Fixings of CSS, strive for perfect code, wonder what is correct with margin-left: -4em, archive old news, please help with PPP connection.
Small re-arrangement, place things where I want them, figure out CSS "table", can anyone help me with Linux?
Add a bit to home page, work on style sheets, create rants page, create GNU/Linux page. Does anyone know how to create "tables" in CSS?
Try to implement ideas on real content pages, work on cascading style sheets, recieve email complaining about lack of color.
Upload temporary content page, work on real content pages.
1999-04-04 goes active, upload standard "Hi, I'm Mike" page.


Pretty glad I wrote this document; it's helping my research and data recovery.

As an aside, I was opposed to the "version control fad" that was hitting everyone in the late 90s, but mostly because I didn't understand it. And then I used CVS and continued to not get it!

I sure did re-install OSes often.

It's disappointing that Mozilla's old URLs are gone.

Some of my favorite quotes from here:

receive email complaining about lack of color
Does anyone know how to create "tables" in CSS?
can anyone help me with Linux?
I shaved. Pictures and story to come soon.

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